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Eating and Drinking in Spain

Spain Restaurants Guides

Spain is known for its Mediterranean-style cuisine and actually produces more than 40 percent of the world's olives, which has a big impact on many of the country's local dishes, with many using olive oil as an important ingredient. Local restaurants in Spain are also influenced by the region, with traditional produce being an essential part of the cuisine in more rural locations and smaller towns, compared to the largest cities, where restaurants have a much more international flavour.

The capital city of Spain, Madrid is home to one of the country's highest concentrations of restaurants, with a mixture of tomatoes, potatoes and beans often being a major part of many meals and dishes. Classical Spanish cuisine often includes clay ovens and open fires, giving the food an authentic and rustic flavour.

Spain is famous for its Tapas bars, which are small snacks and nibbles, designed to be the perfect accompaniment to wine. Tapas bars are particularly sociable, with drinks often served in small glasses, so that you can visit many nearby Tapas bars without suffering the effects of alcohol.

Specialities in Spain include 'churros' - a dough-based pasty often dipped in hot chocolate and the perfect start to the day, 'chorizo' - a spicy sausage often used in many dishes and salads, 'paella' - a saffron rice dish which incorporates a variety of seafood, 'pescaito frito' - a fried fish famed in the Andalusia area, particularly popular in Seville, and a number of cold meats, such as ham and chicken.

Spain's numerous coastal resorts are known for their tourist hotspots, with restaurants catering accordingly. Restaurants along the Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca are particularly varied and include dishes from around the world.

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Eating and Dining in Spain - Restaurants Guide

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